Everything you need to know about moving to the South

Moving to a completely new environment is always challenging. Especially if that place is very different from where you have lived until the relocation. That’s why it’s easy to understand why you need some more information about moving to the south of the US. Luckily – you’re in the right place. We prepared everything you need to know about moving to the South – to help you get ready for this huge life event. Here’s everything you can expect from this relocation and how to prepare for a smooth and easy move.

Be prepared for the weather conditions when moving to the South

You will probably like this if you come from a colder state – climate in the South is pretty warm. Even though there is more snow because of global warming, it’s still far less than in some other states. Winters are a lot warmer than in some northern states, yet they are not completely non-existent. You’ll still need an umbrella, a raincoat and a couple of light sweaters. You should also know that Southern people take cold weather very seriously – since they are simply not used to it. So don’t be surprised to see more car accidents and closed schools, with just a bit of snow falling in the South.

People are religious

One of the things people notice first after moving to the South is how many churches there are. You should know that most of the people here are Christian – Baptist, and the churches are everywhere. Also, almost everybody goes to church. Of course, that’s not something that should change anything about your religious views, yet you should be aware of the situation.

Saturdays are for football

Another type of “religion” in the South is definitely football. There are many important football traditions you should learn about. People here watch it with utmost passion and it has become imperative to see a game on Saturday.

A footbal game, favorite past time after moving to the South.
Sundays may be for the church, yet Saturdays are definitely for football – one of the things you’ll learn after moving to the South.

People are friendly

One of the biggest challenges people have after moving to the South is getting used to the hospitality of the locals. When moving to one of the big cities around the country, you can see that people have become estranged and communication is taken to a minimum. However, don’t be surprised when people talk to you or offer to help you after you move to the South. Also, people here are quite polite – get used to hearing “thank you sir” and “please ma’am” a lot. It’s funny how people are very suspicious at first, but get used to the friendly atmosphere pretty fast. So, wave back to your neighbors and accept the help they offer!

A friendly handshake in front of a house.
Friendly neighbors are one of the best things about moving to the South!

Alcohol is not available all the time

There are certain regulations about selling alcohol in the South. Generally, it’s illegal to sell it on Sundays, and past the working hours of the liquor stores – which is usually until 7 PM. That’s why if you are moving to the South from a state that has no rules like this, be sure to get used to getting your beer and wine earlier in the day.

Two words: sweet tea

Southerners enjoy a very, very sweet cup of tea. So, don’t be surprised to see it everywhere – offered by neighbors, in the restaurants and fast-food chains.

Moving to the South means more affordable life

One of the reasons why people move to the south is how affordable it is compared to the other areas of the US. Food, rents, gas – almost everything is a lot cheaper. That’s why you should consider selling some of your bulky items and therefore reduce your moving costs. You can always repurchase them once you move – at very reasonable prices! This is very useful advice if you are moving on a budget – along with the general declutter of your home. Bringing only the things you really need can significantly reduce your moving expenses and help you have a cheap move.

Food is amazing

The south is famous for its delicious local meals – black-eyed peas, cajun shrimp, buttery cornbread, gravy, salads – you name it. And if you really want something sweet – waffles are there to comfort you. If you are foody, you should definitely consider moving to the South.

People are all about outdoors fun

Moving to the South would mean you will probably become more active and have more appreciation for nature. Outdoors fun is something that people here really like – hiking, jogging, fishing, etc. If you already appreciate nature – you’ll definitely enjoy your new home. You can also try having an eco-friendly move and save the environment when moving to the South.

A person's feet resting at the lake.
When moving to the South, you should know that outdoors fun will be your favorite kind of fun!

Moving to the South – here’s how

Yes, you can be prepared with all the facts about the South and read all you need to know about life in Mississippi. Yet, preparing for the actual moving date requires a bit more work. However, you shouldn’t be scared of it. With these simple steps, you’ll have a smooth and easy relocation.

Plan in advance

Be sure to find a home in the South in advance and prepare for the long-distance move. This way you will be ready for every step during the moving process and avoid mistakes that happen when moving in a hurry. Compare the floor plans and decide where everything goes, so it’s easier for you to unpack later on. Furthermore, preparing for moving to the South should include financial plans, too. Arrange your moving budget by including all the costs – no matter how small they are.

Hire professionals to help you move to the South

If you are moving to the South for the first time, you should definitely get some professional help with it. Local experts will help your family to move and provide you with a smooth, stress-free move. Local moving companies have more experience with moves in the South and know the safest, yet fastest routes to deliver your items. They can also provide you with some additional helpful advice related to life in the South.


As you can see – moving to the South is definitely a good decision. Warm weather, tasty food, affordable prices – what more could you want? If you plan your moving process in detail and pack your belongings properly, you’ll have a smooth relocation to your new southern home in no time. Have a safe trip!

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