Decluttering before the move – what to do with the excess stuff

Packing for a move is an important task in the relocation process. And yes, you should start doing it as early as you possibly can. But, there’s one essential job that you should do before filling up boxes. And that is decluttering. Decluttering before the move will help you to get rid of things you no longer use. And to get a fresh start in your new home. Do this, and you’ll save money and nerves. Because the moving process will be less stressful when you have fewer boxes. Also, you’ll reduce the time for packing and unpacking. And you can make money if you choose to sell something.

If you don’t know where to begin, make the ultimate checklist, and follow tips for decluttering before the move and dealing with the excess stuff. 

Decluttering before the move starts by making a checklist.

Know what to declutter before the move

Start decluttering before the move by knowing the items you should definitely consider not taking with you.

  • Broken or worn out items – There’s no need for paying the relocation of items that you need to replace soon anyway. Worn out clothes, shoes, furniture, broken appliances, or children toys. Get rid of everything that is good only for recycling.
  • Clothes and shoes you don’t use – Moving these items will be totally and completely pointless.
  • Items past their expiration dates – Moving these kinds of items is also pointless, and dangerous for your health. So, do the decluttering before the move of items like expired medication, cosmetic products, and groceries.
  • Duplicate household items – Let go any extra items that serve the same purpose.
  • Forgotten items – Decluttering before the move will most likely uncover items that you have forgotten about. The fact that you forgot about their existence is a sign that you don’t actually need them.

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Follow the 12-month decluttering before the move rule

In your decluttering before the move process, at some point, you’ll face a dilemma whether or not to move specific items. When that comes, ask yourself do you really plan to use that. Thinking that you might need it someday is not the right approach. Because when moving you wish to spend as little money on your upcoming move as possible. At the and, the best way to deal with tough choices when decluttering before the move is to be ruthlessly honest with yourself. Another choice is to find affordable storage space for rent and allow yourself more time to think.

Declutter your home without getting overwhelmed by using the 12-month rule. This means that anything you haven’t used for the last 12 months, you don’t really need it. So, consider selling, gifting, or donating it, and reduce your moving costs.

Start decluttering before the move early

Decluttering before the move will take time. Probably more than you’ve planned. And then comes the most consuming task in your moving checklist – packing. So, it is a good idea to learn how to pack for moving like a pro.

You shouldn’t wait until the last minute to start decluttering what you accumulate through the years. And to guarantee enough time for the task of decluttering before the move you need to start early.

The black start button
Start decluttering before the move as soon as you can.

Use the 3-box decluttering before the move trick

No matter which room you plan to declutter, use the trick of the three boxes and you’ll complete the task fast and easy.

  • The first box is for things you’ll keep – While going from room to room put in the box every item that you’re definitely moving.
  • The second box is for things you’ll sell or donate – Here you’ll put every item that you don’t need, but it’s in good overall condition. Do not throw away still usable possessions. Instead, learn how to have a successful garage sale or let somebody else use it.
  • The third box is for the things you’ll throw away – This is for broken and worn out items. Recycle or dispose of them properly.

As you declutter, you may come across some items that have no clear box. So, set them aside, but get back to them as soon as you can.

Yard sale - Once you're done decluttering before the move organize a yard sale
The yard sale is a great way to get rid of the clutter and make some extra money.

Keep your focus

Be consistent when decluttering before the move, and don’t put off this task until a later time. Declutter one room at a time. Doing several rooms at the same time will cause a time waste. And later you’ll lose track of your priorities. Try to stay motivated by setting small goals. When you reach them, give yourself a reward. In the end, have a nice dinner at a nice restaurant, after you declutter your entire home, of course. Also, it is very important to maintain your focus. Because you’ll complete the job faster and have enough time for packing. Distractions will only slow you down. And get some help. Involve family members and friends.

What to do with the excess stuff?

This is the final decluttering before the move step, the actual physical removal of all the items you don’t need.

  • Things to sell – Because of the high moving costs, this is the option that will make the most sense for you. As it is said before, organize a yard sale. You can find new owners for the items you don’t want or need, and get some cash. Also, you can sell those items online through some websites. Like eBay, Amazon and more.
  • Things to gift – If you have a friend that would like to have that couch of yours, gift them.
  • Things to donate – Finally, donating some or most of your’s don’t need items is the best way to declutter. No matter how you look at it, this is the right thing to do.

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