How to cut costs on your Denver relocation?

Do you need to move on a tight budget to Denver? How to stay within your small budget and still have a successful relocation? Can you cut costs on your Denver relocation and how? Don’t worry because you are not the first person with the money problem. Moving can be very expensive, especially long-distance relocation (moving to Colorado or from Colorado).

Simple tips to cut costs on your Denver relocation

We have some simple tips on how you can save money if moving from Denver or from Denver. By reading this guide, you will be able to move on a budget. We know how to save money for our upcoming relocation.

A view of Denver.
Moving to Denver of moving from Denver is not free, but you can cut some of the expenses

Create a moving budget before you start

Before you calculate how much will relocation cost, you should know how much money you can spend on your Denver relocation.

Set up a moving budget and stick to it. By monitoring and controlling your expenses, you will be able to save money and you won’t spend it on unnecessary things. Besides creating a moving budget, we recommend you create a moving checklist too.

A golden piggy bank.
Start to save money right after you decide to move

Find free moving boxes

For packing, you will need packing supplies including moving boxes. They can be really expensive, but you do not have to buy new ones. Get them for free in local stores, supermarkets, ask friends to borrow you or post it on your social media that you need free moving supplies. Find as many boxes as you can, because overpacking is not safe.

Also, be creative and use newspapers for wrapping fragile items and soft materials if you don’t have enough air bubble foil.

Choose a better moving date

Yes, moving costs depend on the moving date too. Moving during the season (during the summer months) is more expensive than moving off-season. Also, avoid moving on weekends and moving at the end of the month.

Pack items by yourself

Hiring professional packers is not cheap It will be faster with them but not too affordable. So, in order to cut costs on your Denver relocation, you should pack by yourself with free boxes you collected. Packing can be fun, but get prepared to be a little bit emotional too. Start packing early because it will probably take you more time than you think it will.

Declutter before packing

Most costs will mostly depend on the size and weight of your move. By decluttering, you will move fewer items, which means saving money and time at the same time. Keep in mind that your new apartment will be different than your current one. If you are moving long-distance, the weather in your new city will be different too, so you don’t need to pack all the clothing.

Ask friends for help for your DIY move

If you will pack and move by yourself, keep in mind that the moving process is not a job for only one person. Moving large and heavy furniture requires a couple of strong people. Before you decide to make this step, aks your friends will they be able to help you or not. Loading and unloading items from a moving vehicle are difficult and impossible if you are alone.

Hiring movers and staying within budget

DIY relocation is not recommended if you are moving long-distance (unless you have experience). So, for safe and fast relocation, we recommend you to hire a moving company. You can have both, moving professionals and affordable relocation.

  • Ask for discounts and negotiate – students, veterans often have discounts. If you are not in this group, don’t worry, ask a moving company for a better deal. Visit and see the offer.
  • Get quotes from different moving companies – compare different companies and compare their prices.
  • Read a moving contract carefully – to avoid moving scams and to save money, you must read the contract carefully and to know what is included in the price, even if having a short notice move.

Costs of living in Denver

You should think about costs after moving to Denver too. Moving expenses are not the only expenses you will have. What are the costs of living in Denver, CO and how to manage your monthly budget? Get informed before moving to Denver not only about moving costs but also about costs after moving.

  • The median home price of a 2-bedroom home is about $410,000. If you will rent a home in Denver, be prepared to spend about $3,200. But, if you need to pay less, then choose to live outside of the city center where the average rent is $2,000. Find cheaper neighborhoods in Denver and avoid places such as Capitol Hill and the Golden Triangle Museum District.
  • To save money on your food, cook your own food and go to grocery stores. Use coupons, check out the sales, compare different grocery stores, etc.
  • The public transportation in Denver is great. It has than 1,000 buses and a railway. A monthly pass for public transportation is $99. If you cut costs on your Denver relocation, you can afford to buy a car here and to improve your transportation in the city.
  • Sales taxes are currently 7.65%. Taxes are one of the things that nobody tells you when moving, but after moving it is a huge part of expenses.
Calculating costs after moving to Denver.
Think about the costs after moving to Denver and the costs of living there


It is not hard to cut costs on your Denver relocation, you just need to be creative and to start with moving preparations on time. If you are from Colorado and you are moving locally, it will cost less than long-distance relocation. It won’t be free, but you can save some money when moving no matter where you are from.


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