Choosing the right self-storage car parking

Self-storage car parking can be a convenient solution if you don’t have conditions to keep your car at home. They are good in case you are going on vacation, as well as for storing highly expensive models which require special conditions. Even small and large companies use these services for many of their vehicles because of parking restrictions in residential areas. Thus we have decided to provide you with all you need to know about choosing the right self-storage car parking.

Choosing the right self-storage car parking

There are a couple of different options storage facilities usually offer:

  • Indoor self-storage car parking
    • Enclosed type option
    • Indoor open type option
  • Outdoor self-storage car parking
    • Outdoor open type option
    • Covered type option

Indoor self-storage car parking

This kind of car storage option is usually inside large storage facilities. In general, the idea is to provide the highest level of protection and safety, as well as privacy for car owners. They come in two varieties. These are enclosed and open type car storage.

Enclosed type option

For those in need of the highest level of protection, this can be the right choice. However, this option is the most expensive of all options. Especially if it’s a climate-controlled unit which you will need for both expensive cars and collectible models. You won’t need to worry about the weather, theft, or any kind of damage with this one. And, it is the perfect solution for long-term storing.

Indoor open type option

The best way to explain this type of care storage is to compare it with the parking lot. With one big difference, it’s a parking lot inside the facility. For the purpose of storing many cars, as companies usually do, renting this warehouse-type car storage is a good option. And it looks just like that, the warehouse. You get the same level of protection from weather conditions and also, you get the possibility to place very large cars inside. Besides, it’s cheaper than enclosed type storage and convenient for long-term too.

Indoor open type storage for cars which is one of the options when choosing the right self-storage car parking.
It looks like a warehouse for cars.


Outdoor self-storage car parking

This type of car storage may be the best option if you are looking for a cheap and temporary solution. In general, they come as an open or covered type. But, there are a few exceptions for, particularly small car models.

Outdoor open type option

You can usually describe them as big parking lots in a designated area behind the security fence. Even though they are the cheapest option of all, they do not offer any kind of protection from weather conditions. Don’t use them if moving during winter because the sun, rain, and snow may still cause damage to your car. Therefore, this will not be a good option if you need long-term car storage, nothing longer than a few weeks. With this in mind, it would be good to use some car covers if you plan to rent this one.

Outdoor open self-storage car parking.
The only protection your car has from the sun in open type car storage is during the night.


Covered type option

Another slightly better option is covered open type car storage some facilities offer. You will get better protection from weather conditions than open type, but it will cost you a little more. The roof will protect your car from bad weather but your car is still exposed to dirt, dust, wind and similar hazards.

Additionally, if you own a small car you can make use of self-storage units. They are sort of outdoor enclosed units usually planed as household storage units, but there are some big enough to fit your car. You will just need to talk to facility owners if they allow this king of storing.

When choosing the right self-storage car parking place don’t forget to take into account the size of your car. Many facilities provide parking spots of different sizes so you can store even extremely large cars.

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