How to choose a suitable storage space?

Most of the people are already familiar with storage places and facilities. A lot of us are already using one or more. If you don’t have one and you need it, we will try to explain everything that you need to know. That will hopefully help you on how to choose a suitable storage space.

Storage spaces can be used for many purposes. In case you are moving and you have to store some of your furniture for a few days, or in case if you are downsizing, you can store stuff that you can’t fit in your new home but still want to keep. Also, you can store stuff that you are not using a lot but you don’t have space for in your home or garage.

Anyway, if you are trying to find a suitable storage space, you will have to do the research on the internet, ask your friends, family or neighbors. But, on the other side, you can also call a professional moving company and ask if they can help with storage space.

Professional movers and storage spaces

Every professional moving company will offer plenty of services that you might need when relocating is in question. A professional moving company has a lot of experience in the moving industry as well as devoted and well-trained workers. If you would like to hire a professional moving company, let us just remind you what kind of moving services you can expect.

  • Packing and unpacking
  • Proper truck size
  • Safe transport
  • Insurance
  • Storage places
  • Other additional services

Consulting a moving company about storage space is a good idea.  After a short conversation, they will realize what kind and size of storage unit you need. Also, they will inform you how to use it and pack your stuff in case you would like to do that yourself.

Choose a suitable storage space in the right location

The location of your storage space is also one of the important things. In case you want to have an easy access to your belongings, which is to say that you use them often, you should consider getting storage space close to your home. But, if you want to store some old furniture that you won’t use often, the exact location is not really important.

You should know that some storage facilities will give you a discount or first month free if you decide to pay a few months in advance.

Image of a highway
If you want to store some items or furniture you won’t use that much anymore, the location of your storage space is not that important.

Do your research and avoid bad moving companies and moving scam!

Different Types of Storage Spaces

In order to choose a suitable storage space, you will have to figure out what type of storage space suits you the most. You can choose between Outdoor or Indoor storage places. 

Outdoor storage

Outdoor storage usually looks like a garage. It is outside and you can have easy access to it. But, this kind of storage most likely won’t be climate controlled and the level of security is minimal. That includes just the lock on each storage room door, without video surveillance or any kind of digital code access.

This type of storage is not recommended for stuff like antiques, fine arts, paintings, electronics or any other valuable things. But, if you just want to store some of your lawn furniture, tools or sports equipment, this kind of storage space can be useful.

Outdoor storage is secured with one hard lock only so it's not recommended for storing valuable items.
Outdoor storage, where you can keep your lawn furniture, some tools or sports equipment!

Indoor storage

Indoor storage units are usually climate controlled. Since they are inside a building, security is also higher. You will often store delicate stuff there, such as electronics, paintings or even seasonal clothes. Due to the fact that these storages are climate controlled you don’t have to worry that your stuff will suffer any damage.

Also, this type of storage is usually in building with multiple floors. This means you won’t be able to approach the storage unit with your car but you can rest assured that there’s a parking lot in front of a building or one not that far away. Also, if your storage unit is on a higher floor, ask about elevators and easy approach for when you want to load or unload your belongings, before renting.

Different Sizes of Storage Spaces

Now, before getting a storage space, you have to be informed about their sizes too. To properly choose a suitable storage space you have to know exactly what kind of stuff you want to put into a storage unit. Do not rent without investigating! At least ask some of the employees or call customer support and ask what size would be best for your belongings. For example, you can not fit two bedrooms into a storage unit that is sized for only one.

Also, pay attention to how you distribute your belongings in the storage space. You should spread everything around, heavy and bulky items up to the walls and on the floor, and lighter items on top of those. Do not fill everything completely! If you do that, you won’t be able to reach items you’ve placed deep inside the room.

However, living in a big city is a benefit, the bigger the city is, the more storage places it has! You will definitely find one that suits you the best!

Exact sizes of storage spaces

To choose a suitable storage space, you have to be familiar with their sizes. Let’s give you some examples!

  • 5×5 (25 square feet) – where you can store your extra items, such as boxes, some tools, seasonal items etc.
  • 5×10 (50 square feet) – where you can store 1 bedroom, office and/or furniture
  • 10×10 (100 square feet) – where you can store 1 small apartment (furniture, appliances, even motorcycle)
  • 10×15 (150 square feet) – where you can store 3 bedrooms, also ideal for big items, such as couches or a piano
  • 10×20 (200 square feet) – where you can store 5 bedrooms, plus any big items, such as washers and refrigerator
  • 10×30 (300 square feet) – where you can store 5-7  bedrooms, cars etc.
You have to figure out how much stuff you want to store in order to choose a suitable storage space for you
You can store 1 bedroom in a storage place size 5×10 (50 square feet)

Other things you might like to know

Other than types and sizes of storage units, there are some other things that you should pay attention to.

  • Good Security
  • Additional Insurance
  • Get in touch with a manager
  • Facility hygiene
  • No pesky critters!

Of course, if you are storing valuable stuff you will want to get a phone number from the manager. If you are concerned about hygiene just inspect their offices or bathrooms, before renting. Also, if the facility is clean, that means there are no pesky critters either. And there you go, now you know how to choose a suitable storage space!

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