How to choose the best moving company

Deciding that you are going to move is a very difficult thing. But, sometimes, like we have written already, you don’t really have a choice. There are so many things to decide, and you may feel like all of that is too much. But, we are here to help you. All of the doubts you might be having have an answer. You can read here how to decide where to move, and here how to deal with the stress. When you do decide that you are moving, there is one important thing you need to take care of – you need to choose the best moving company. 

choosing the best moving company
It is very important what kind of company are you choosing

Have in mind, you will make a million decisions during your move, but this one just might be the biggest. Choosing the best moving company will mean that you will have a very easy relocation and that you won’t have to worry that much. Choosing a bad one means not only that your stress level will be increased. It can also drain your budget and prolong your move. In the worst case scenarios, it can lead to lawsuits and loss of belongings. We are not going to let that happen. Have these tips in mind and you will be in the clear.

1. Make sure your company is reputable and credible

These days unfortunately it is pretty hard to trust someone without any hard evidence. Same goes for moving companies. Not all of them are credible and you might end up getting way less than what you bargained for. Also, it isn’t easy to detect the false ones, because they do a very good job at protecting their intentions. The fallback for choosing a fraudulent moving company can be huge. You could pay way more than you should, you could not have your stuff transported, or, which happens rarely but does happen, you could have your things stolen. That is why it is so important to choose the best moving company. 

So, what can you do in order to find the best moving company? These are the things you need to check:

  • Check if the company has license and do they provide any insurance
  • Check out their website, address and phone number
  • Give them a test drive – estimate, preview of the contract or anything that proves they mean business
  • Contact some of the people that have used this company before

2. Contact your friends, family, and associates for recommendations for the best moving company

Even when you know that company is reputable and legit, that still doesn’t mean that they are the best moving company. There are big difference from one to another and it isn’t always easy to figure them out just by simply talking to them. And although you might be able to find some previous clients, you can’t know if they are indeed telling the truth. We do not want to sound paranoid, but it is your money you are playing with.

That is why, before hiring any company, you should contact anyone you know. Reach out to your friends, family, coworkers, neighbors… Ask them if they went through a similar experience, or if they know someone who did. They might be able to provide you with thorough feedback, advice and suggestions. Don’t ask them what to do, ask them what not to do as well. They might be your biggest allies when it comes to choosing the best moving company. 

3. Do a thorough estimate and get everything in writing

Let’s say you have narrowed it down to a couple of companies. You did your research, you have checked out their credentials, licenses and everything. You have contacted your friends and you heard all the feedback. But, now it’s time for you to decide. First thing you should do is schedule an estimate. The way the company behaves during this process will tell you everything you need to know. First, if they choose to do an estimate over the phone you can write them off, no questions asked. You should do the same if they come over and do a very poor job. House estimates don’t take forever but they do require a certain amount of time. If they do manage to invest enough time, manners and energy they can proceed to the next phase. When they do give you a number, that can tell you even more. Don’t fall for low prices, because they are not real, and probably mean they will do a very poor job. Don’t give out large deposit because the best moving company would never ask you to do so.

picking the best moving company
Always double check before you sign anything

When you do have the estimate done and the company picked, get everything in writing. You might think that some things go without saying but they don’t. Everything you agreed on needs to be written down.

4. Prepare your house before the moving day

You did your best to pick the best moving company and they will be at your door at the scheduled time. But, there is still something you could do to help yourself and help them, and that is preparing the house. There is still a lot of work to be done, and the better job you do, the easier your move will be. Although they are the best moving company, they can’t do everything by themselves. Read here how to prepare your house before the movers arrive.

When it comes to tough choices regarding relocation, this is the one that will make or break your entire move. That doesn’t mean that you should be scared or unable to decide. It just means that you shouldn’t decide abruptly and that you should do your research. There are many reputable and credible  companies and you just need to choose the best one. When you choose the best moving company, the rest of the move will be a piece of cake, to say the least.

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