Best time of year for moving in Kansas

If you’re flexible with your moving date, it’s good to give it some thinking. Good moving date can mean many things – from better weather conditions, lower moving rates, and a faster moving process. For that reason, we wanted to tell you all about the best time of year for moving in Kansas, so you can be sure you picked the right time for your relocation.

Why picking the right time to move is so important?

Relocation to another home involves several different factors. Each of these are connected and have one thing in common – the moving date. Here are some factors to consider when choosing the best time to move house:

  • Selling your old home and buying a new one – Picking the right time to sell your home and buy a new one in Kansas is very important for two reasons. First, good timing will help you sell the home better, and also help you get a better deal.
  • Moving rates – Moving to another house can get expensive, so being flexible about your moving day and choosing an off-season date can get you better moving rates.
  • Weather conditions – Even though the Kansas climate doesn’t include extremely low and high temperatures, choosing the best time to move in Kansas can mean a lot easier move. Avoiding snowy days, as well as hot months will ensure a much safer and faster relocation.
A calendar to plan moving in Kansas
Choosing the right moving season will affect your move in many ways, so make sure you plan everything on time.

However, if you’re unable to pick the right time and you need to move fast, don’t worry. Organizing well and learning how to handle a short-notice move will ensure a stress-free relocation in this situation as well.

What’s the best time of year for moving in Kansas?

Considering all the factors above, there’s only one logical time of year for moving in Kansas – and that’s spring. And let’s see why.

The weather

First of all, springtime in Kansas, especially the months of May and June, bring the most pleasant weather. It’s much easier to pack, and transport the items in spring, since there is no sweating, or thinking about winter equipment and clothes. Also, moving in nice weather is much safer, as you’re not faced with snowy days, icy roads, etc. However, if you’re settling down outside Kansas, make sure you do some research on local weather conditions and the best time to move.

The USA map
Depending on where you’re moving to, different seasons are popular for moving house.

The mood

Spring time is knwon as the begining of a new cycle, which brings certain mood to people. Most of them are ready for some fresh starts, which often include buying a new home and moving. Therefore, it’s much easier to sell a home in spring, but also find a new one for yourself.


Another factor is the school year for your children. Starting your moving plans in early spring, often means that you will be able to move into a new home as the school year finishes. This means a more relaxed relocation, without interrupting the school year for your kids. Also, you can settle and adjust to the new environment before the new school year starts, which is beneficial both for your children and yourself.

The real estate market in Kansas

Combining all the above, we get that most of the sales happen in May and June – more than 50 percent. Therefore, jumping into the market in this time is the best thing to do. You’ll sell your home much faster, but also have plenty of properties to choose from and get the house you’ve always wanted.

Moving rates

Moving in spring and summer is great in many ways. However, since this is the peak of the moving season, higher moving rates may apply. if the finances are an issue for you, you can pick another off-season date and get a more affordable moving estimate. Also, to lower your moving costs, make sure you contact a moving company as soon as you find out about moving. This will give you more time to prepare, but also help you avoid high moving costs that happen in short-notice moves. However, always contact a reliable professional, with a lot of experience to avoid unpleasant surprises regarding the moving costs. Professional Moving & Storage can provide you with great storage solutions and a skilled moving team to handle your relocation in Kansas. Local companies like this know Kansas very well and can help you decide what would be the easiest way to relocate, and have the best moving experience.

Moving off-season

When talking about the best time of year for moving in Kansas, we should also point out what are the least favorite times to move house. You should definitely avoid the period around holidays. Generally, winter months are not popular in the real estate market. However, moving in winter months is possible if you’re well-prepared. Read more on tips for moving in winter and see how you can manage that type of the move with ease.

A man planning a move in Kansas
Making a solid plan will ensure a stress-free move even in the shortest time.

Picking the best time of year for moving in Kansas

Before you consider all of these factors and start making plans, make sure you think about your life situation. What’s the best time to move for you? Sometimes, even the best dates are not good for some people, since there are some personal things which are more important. These include work situation, marriage, divorce, etc. Therefore, think about your plans first. Then, adapt the moving factors for choosing the best time of year for moving in Kansas. This way you will get the perfect results and ensure a safe and quick move.

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