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Moving is a responsible thing, which must be approached with special care. It is important not to forget or damage anything, as well as to spend on it as little time as possible. To make moving day as painless as possible, it is important to choose the right transport company. After checking all top moving companies in Indiana, you will be able to pick the best one. But how to find the best movers in Indiana?

There are some things best movers in Indiana must have

If you are searching for movers online, you should be really careful. You should try avoiding fraudulent movers since they could make your moving day a living hell. In this article, we will try to explain what are qualities every reliable moving company should have. Then you can check all moving services Indiana offers, and take your pick. In order to do this, you need to review the company’s compliance with a number of criteria.

What must the best movers in Indiana have

Before searching for the best movers in Indiana, you should think about the criteria for choosing. It is best to make a list of all the things that will help you decide. We wanted to help you with completing this task, so we made our own list. We hope you will find it useful. After all, it can’t hurt to listen to other people’s ideas.

So the things we think you need to check:

Is there a business account of a moving company on social networks?

The ordinary crew of movers is unlikely to get itself an account. But a solid company that is interested in feedback from customers and cares about their reputation will definitely do that. Thanks to social networks, you can collect information about the services provided – see photos and videos, read reviews. If you want, you can even turn to the clients of the firm, asking their opinion about the company in person.

social networks
Every reliable moving company should have the account on major social networks


Reliability of reviews.

On the site of any moving company, you can find much praise from customers who do not need to be represented. But you should not trust them. Exception – only cases when the site shows some real evidence. For example, a thank you note, where you clearly see the logo or the seal of the client company. Also, you can always call customers and ask them to confirm that they have cooperated with a certain moving company.

The price that is not too low.

Remember the notorious expression “the optimal combination of price and quality”? So, if the cost of services is low, then their quality will be appropriate. Self-respecting moving companies practice a complex approach, which is time-consuming and requires less effort. That cannot be cheap.

Does the moving company have its own office?

This fact is easy to verify. It is enough to call the dispatcher or the employee of the company who deals with the registration of orders, and asks if you can come to their office to sign a contract or make an advance payment. If they offer you to meet on the street or do formalities just before moving – you should never trust such a company.

The number of employees in the company.

If it’s an ordinary moving crew, not a moving company, then there will not work more than ten people. In the company specialized in relocation, work at least eight dispatchers and the same number of professional crews. Such a large staff ensures the interchangeability of employees. In practice, this means that there will be no delays or unforeseen circumstances.

Does the company have a place for selling the packaging material?

If the answer is positive, this is a good sign. If negative – you are dealing with ordinary resellers. Think – whether you agree to overpay to intermediaries or prefer to deal directly with the seller?

Does the company have its own vehicles?

The situation is similar to the state of things with the packaging material. Again, you choose, to cooperate directly with the owners of transport or with tenants.

Does the company give you all the necessary information?

getting the information from best movers in Indiana
Best moving companies should have their own call center

Moving companies do most of the job themselves, but there are some things you should do yourself. Thus, you will prepare all of your stuff in time and everything will go smoothly. Best movers in Indiana will give you some advice how to prepare everything correctly. There are some things your movers want you to know, and the good company will not hesitate to tell you that.

Did the company cooperate with state enterprises?

In order to carry out state orders, it is necessary to win a tender. That is, to be the best company among those who applied for services. All companies participating in the tender are subject to thorough scrutiny by state organizations. Only the best movers in Indiana can pass all those tests.

Does the company participate in social activities of their industry?

A good sign is the presence of various awards, diplomas received at exhibitions or competitions.

What do best movers in Indiana offer?

The services of the moving companies are in high demand. A standard package of services provided by such companies includes:

  • visit of a specialist who will give you subsequent assessment of the cargo and complexity of transportation;
  • setting the date and time of work;
  • disassembly, packaging, loading and unloading of cargo with the provision of the necessary packaging materials.

Also, specialists are engaged in marking the cargo, transporting it with special vehicles, unloading and bringing the things into the premises. Professional moving companies also take responsibility for unpacking and cleaning of packaging waste.

If they offer to clean all the packaging materials, it is a good sign they are the ones!


Among the additional services given by the moving companies, it is possible to get an insurance, protection and transportation of cargo with subsequent storage. Real professionals work only after signing a contract with the client. It reflects the stages of cargo transportation with a clear indication of the cost and terms of work. Also, the contract reflects the civil rights and obligations of the parties.

In the modern market, there are three types of moving companies:

  1. moving crews
  2. medium-sized companies
  3. the real professionals of their business – large enterprises with an excellent reputation, which are the best movers in Indiana.

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