Best Cities to live in Upstate New York

Welcome to New York! The city of dreams, the concrete jungle, and a place to make it or break it. Yes, the Big Apple is known to many and home to many for plenty of reasons. And, north of the New York metropolitan area lies Upstate New York. That is one portion of the state, but a mighty one. According to many, the Upstate New York is a great place to call home. You are excluded from the famous hustle and bustle of NY, but still very close to all the happenings. It can also be said that this part of New York is very charming and romantic too. Housing options are also on the cheaper side when compared to the rest of the state, which is the number one reason why are so many people moving here. Thus, if you want to be one of them, here are some of the best cities to live in Upstate New York.

Should You Be Moving to Upstate New York?

Before we tackle the issue of some of the best cities to live in Upstate New York, we should say that living here is not for everybody. If you belong to the group of people who love relaxing, enjoying peace and quiet, drinking coffee on your patio without anybody bothering you, maybe New York is not for you. This is why many people are leaving NYC and settling down someplace quiet. Moreover, you should know that the prices of pretty much everything are higher in New York. Yes, the cost of living is above the national average. But, if you have no problems with all the hustle and bustle, and you love that feeling of living in the metropolitan city, well, you will love it here. Upstate New York will make you feel like you are on a movie set every day. 

The view of New York.
One thing is for sure – New York will help you make your dreams come true.

The Best Cities to Live in the Upstate New York

It goes without saying that what is best for one person may not be the best for the other. Some people want to move in search of a better job and salary, some want a safer city for their children, and some just want a place that will make them feel alive. Luckily, Upstate New York has cities that are unique, amazing, and suitable for everybody’s needs. Thus, before you start packing your bags and calling Capital City Movers NYC to come and help you relocate, you should do some research. We will also help you out by sharing our list of the best cities in Upstate New York. If you want to know more, keep on reading. 

1. Rochester

This is New York’s third-largest metropolitan area. So, living here is perfect for those who want to pretend they are in Manhattan. Rochester has a rich history and boasts with some great housing options that are from that time. But, of course, like any other metropolitan city, there numerous skyscrapers too. There is everything from big family homes to attic studios. The median home price is around $135,042 and the median monthly rent is around $848. As you can see, the prices are much lower than the rest of NY. The same goes for the cost of living – it is lower than the national average. It is also a city with great schools and a top-notch education system. So, if you were planning on with your family, Rochester will be best for you. It is safe, affordable, educational, and has plenty of things to do around. Just make sure to stay organized on your moving day, as the streets of Rochester can often be hectic.

A mother and daughter on the street of one of the best cities in Upstate New York.
Rochester, the city of Upstate New York, is great for families.

2. Buffalo

The next on our list of best cities to live in Upstate New York is Buffalo. Buffalo was an industrial town back in the past, and now, because of that, it has a great economy. All businesses are rapidly developing, and it is pretty easy to find a job in almost any sector you desire. Thus, Buffalo is mostly occupied by Millenials and professionals. Colleges here are also some of the best in the state, so there are a lot of college students on the streets too. Living here will also not break your bank. The cost of living is far lower than the national average, the median home price is $144,300 and the median rent price is $763. And, if you decide to move to Buffalo, you must love sports. Everybody here is into sports – watching games, playing football, going hiking and skiing is a way of life here.

Young people sitting on the grass and talking.
While walking the streets of Buffalo, you will see many young people.

3. Albany

Last but definitely not the least on our list of best cities to live in Upstate New York is Albany. This is a city that lies on the west bank of the Hudson River. And, just like the previous two cities, Albany too has a cost of living that is below the national average. But, the prices are rising, slowly but steadily. So, if you were planning on moving to Albany anytime soon, now would be the time to start looking for housing options – median home prices are around $201,533 and the median rent price is $956. Moreover, Albany is a great place to call home if you like a combination of an urban and small-town feel. Residents here are usually family people who enjoy living in their close-knit communities. So, if that is your thing, you will love it here. In order to move here, just find a moving agency, as that is the best way to save time when moving.

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