Best cities for feminists: where should you move to

Regardless of what we believe, we want to feel comfortable in our environment. Declaring yourself a feminist can still get you in trouble in some places. What happens if you do not want to back out on your ideas and beliefs? What if you want to have a community that will support you in your values and goals? Well, perhaps it is time to move. Although being a feminist isn’t such a popular choice these days there are still best cities for feminists where you can find some comfort and support.

In order to fully reach full potential and aspire to greatness every human being seeks approval and acceptance. If you are not able to find it in your community that you came to the right place. We can not only offer you advice on how to move out for the first time but also where you should move to. Check out our list of domestic (and foreign!) cities that are absolutely the best cities for feminists.

1.Consider moving to Detroit, Michigan to enjoy a very active women community

It’s not easy to determine what makes one city the best place for feminists. Certainly, there are many things to look for. Detroit stands out for having women in places where men usually are, such as Mary Barra, new female CEO of GM. Another thing that is a huge benefit is that there is a very active web community for women called Shetroit. You can get a lot of help and advice there, which is one of the reasons why Detroit is one of the best cities for feminists. And if online presence isn’t enough for you, you can enjoy some of the events that are often hosted in Detroit, such as Vagina Monologues.

2. When it comes to best cities for feminists, don’t overlook Washington DC

best cities for feminists in the us
What do feminists look for in a city?

Change always comes from the top. Although there are many attitudes in the capital that need readjusting, change is visible and stands out. Statistics says that women can make the most money and create the biggest difference precisely in the capital. They can even earn more than in many other cities, as high as 75% of what men do. Combine that with the record number of women in congress and you get the picture. There is still a long road ahead but this is where it started.

3. Looking for a bigger change? Head out to Honolulu!

You might go though more than 50 cities before figuring out that Honolulu is one of the best cities for feminists. Don’t worry, that is why you have us. But why did this Hawaii capital make the cut? Well, first of all it offers amazing quality of life, as well as high happiness rankings. And no one is willing to overlook that. In addition to this, in Hawaii more and more women are becoming entrepreneurs and business owners. These changes create new ones, so in 2012 the state elected its first female Senator. Business climate is encouraging and the weather isn’t so bad either!

4. Head out to California for some of the best cities for feminists!

Being a feminist more often than not implies being an ally and being tolerant towards other ethnicity, genders, and orientations. That is why California should be number one on your priority list. Many women head out to San Francisco, considering it is one of the highest paying cities for women. But, the overall living cost can be too much. So, why not look for an alternative? Oakland is a great option considering it is home to a lot of feminist groups. You will be able to benefit from the proximity of the Bay Area just as easily. Many organizations feminist might be interested in, such as Women’s Initiative and Pacific Center were founded precisely here. That is why this is one of the best cities for feminists.

5.  Interested in moving outside of the United States? Here are some ideas!

best cities for feminists outside of usa
It isn’t easy to find a city where you would comfortable being

Perhaps you are interested in spreading the love worldwide. Or just need a change of pace, culture, and location. But, you still want to feel close to your values and beliefs. It isn’t easy finding something that can suit your needs. That is why we came up with this list of cities outside of our country, where you will feel comfortable and accepted:

  • London, UK – The change might not be so big, considering the culture and language, and you can feel just as comfortable. London is no stranger to pro-feminist protest, rallies, and laws that followed.
  • Stockholm, Sweden – There are many great things this country is famous for. One of them is their attitude and laws towards women rights and laws that follow them. Sweden has one of the most liberal rules regarding maternity and paternity leaves. In addition to this, they are very tolerant and accepting of different cultures.
  • Toronto, Canada – Although it might not seem like such a big cultural change, the attitude and social climate in the capital of Canada are much different than in the States. Rallies, protests, social movements and online presence are very high and get a lot of attention from both citizens and the government. In addition to this, Canada offers a variety of benefits to its citizen and is very open towards newcomers.

Moving isn’t easy and sometimes we prefer staying in a place we don’t like just to avoid the problems. But, life is too short to not be bothered to change it. Perhaps different environment, community, values and atmosphere would benefit you more than you realize.  It is time for a change and if you are not sure where you should just take your pick between all of these best cities for feminists. You might enjoy the change a lot more than the actual packing and relocation. Once you are there you can contact the local community, online groups, and movements. This will make you feel more at home.

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