Affordable moving to Maywood NJ

Are you looking to relocate to Maywood NJ, but you don’t have a lot of money to spend on your relocation? And the more you think about it, the list of expenses is just getting bigger and bigger. And trying to organize your move, while avoiding common moving problems is tough, so now you have to count every dime? You might even be close to accepting the impossibility of affordable moving to Maywood NJ. But, do you really have to accept it? Why wouldn’t you save your money for your new life there?

Affordable moving to Maywood NJ

Maywood is a small town with a population of around 9.600. This family-oriented place has nice parks and great public schools. Also, this diverse community offers a warm neighborly feeling. But does this mean that you have to go through an expensive move in order to relocate here? Not at all, because it’s possible to move on a budget to Maywood NJ if you know how to do it.

Piggy bank.
A bit by bit…

Should you hire a moving company when moving on a budget to Maywood NJ?

If you’re doing a long-distance move, it might be smarter to hire movers. But, you probably think that it’s too expensive. Well, first of all, considering all the types of moving services, you need to see what you need for your move. Then, you need to think of all the possible expenses that need to be paid if you don’t hire movers; parking fees, road tolls, costs of renting a vehicle, and other equipment… So, you should definitely consider hiring movers. However, if you decide to go with a moving company, you should do your best to get a good price.

Get a good price

First, you should pay for the services that you don’t have to use. If you can pack by yourself, you don’t have to pay your movers for packing. And once you determine what kind of services you will pay for, try to get a good price. There are several ways to do this:

  • Move off-season, on workdays, or at the beginning or the middle of the month – that’s when affordable moving to Maywood Nj is more possible
  • Get quotes from several companies
  • Negotiate with movers
  • Know what you’re agreeing to  – read the contract carefully in order to avoid any hidden fees
Limited time offer.
You can use discounts when moving off-season

Get help from your friends

If you’re going with a DIY move, some help will come in quite handy. Call your friends and ask them to help you with loading and unloading. Even if they don’t have a van that you can use, it’s useful if they help you just with packing. So basically, any help that you can get is priceless.

If you can do it yourself…

… do it. Why pay for packing services if you can do this yourself? Just start early, because packing takes more time than you think. Also, there are other services that you don’t really need. Instead of paying for cleaning services, clean the apartment by yourself. But, remember, in these cases, it’s very important that your organization and time management is good.


Plan to shut down your utilities, gas, internet just before the move. Doing this at the beginning of the month means that you’ll probably have to pay for the whole month. This and the fact that people want to use the month’s rent is why they usually move at the end of the month. However, since the companies have their hand full at that time, they are less likely to offer discounts at that time of the month. But, if you’re moving by yourself, you have the luxury to plan your move the way that it’s good for you.

Create a moving budget

Plan ahead and create a budget before you start spending on your move to Maywood NJ. Plan carefully, and consider the costs of the moving company. By doing this, you are less likely to spend on unnecessary things. Of course, don’t forget to live some funds on the side, just in case. Besides this, you should also have a detailed plan with all the tasks that you need to do.


Going through your stuff, you’ll come across many things that you haven’t used in quite some time. So, why keep them at all? Do you really want to bring them over to your new place, when you can simply get rid of them? And believe me, there are many benefits to decluttering. Psychological, practical, and financial as well. The thing is, the fewer things you have to move, it’s going to be cheaper to move them. So why not to it, especially if you can even make some money in the process?

  • toss them – out with the old, in with a new, right?
  • sell them – why not make some money in the process?
  • donate them

Get cheap moving supplies

At first, it might seem that this is not expensive. But, if you buy new boxes, packing materials, and other equipment, your first impression might change. Luckily, there is a way to overcome this. First, you can try getting free boxes from local grocery stores. Also, for your glasses, try getting free boxes from liquor shops. Finally, you can also use old paper, newspaper, sponge or blankets as an alternative for packing materials. This material is used to protect your items when packing them in boxes.

Boxes on a pallet.
Get the boxes for free

Resist the urge to spend

Remember, while affordable moving to Maywood is possible, it also depends on you. You need to resist the urge to spend money during this process. You are probably visualizing your new home, inviting over your neighbors and introducing yourself to them. So you can’t wait to decorate your home and you are already shopping for new things. But while it’s normal to buy the most important things for your new apartment, wait just after your move for the rest. After all, it’s going to make more sense to decorate it, once you are inside. So wait with spending just a bit longer and it will be worth it.

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