8 biggest moving mistakes

When it comes to moving it seems like everywhere you turn there are trap doors. You might feel lost and confused. You also might feel angry and frustrated. All of those emotions come from making mistakes while moving. Moving mistakes are something everyone is familiar with. So, why not learn from the experience of other people? If this is your first time moving, you might be completely clueless. But so many other people felt the same and the lived to tell the tale. We have contacted some of them and asked them what the moving mistakes they regret the most are. Here is what they told us:

  1. One of the biggest moving mistakes is not asking for help

the worst moving mistakes
Make a plan and ask for help!

You are going to need help, so you better own up to it as soon as you can. Not everyone will be so eager to do it, but there are a lot of people that are willing to lend you a hand. So, use that! You are not just going to need help with carrying boxes; you are going to need someone to be your shoulder to cry on. If you are not sure who to call, choose someone who will give you strength to carry on and help you get the job done. Don’t forget to take the people that are helping you to a nice dinner afterward!

  1. Avoid the moving mistake of not hiring professionals

We are not saying that you have to hire people to do all the work for you. But if you choose to do everything yourself, you will be drowned in various tasks and you won´t know which way is up. Hiring reliable professionals will help you save not only time but money as well. Also, they are capable of dealing with all sorts of belongings, so you don´t have to fear that your property will be damaged. When it comes to transport and packing, they will probably do a better job than you. So, let them!

  1. Make sure that you have organized everything

A good plan is half the work. When it comes to moving, it´s all the work! The biggest moving mistake is not having good organization. If you plan adequately you could avoid a lot of problems and unexpected situations. Why wait for something bad to happen when you can be prepared for any situation and equipped to handle it? Be proactive and save yourself the trouble. If you are not sure how to do this, you can get some help here.

  1. Don´t forget to get rid of clutter before you move

There is no doubt that you have gathered a whole bunch of things you don´t need. Well, now is the time to get rid of all of that! Transporting things you don´t need is going to be a waste of space, time, money and energy. It seems like a drag to do the decluttering, so try to make it fun. Call your friends and family and take a trip down the memory lane. Make sure that you have donated and recycled everything you don´t need. The environment thanks you!

  1. Don´t save money on packing supplies

worst moving mistakes
Avoid the most common mistakes people make when they are moving

You need quality packing materials in order to have a good moving experience. It is considered a big moving mistake not taking care of this. Yes, it´s easy to borrow boxes from the grocery store but when your precious belongings are on the floor broken, you might regret that decision. When it comes to packing materials you should think outside of the box. There are a lot more alternative packing materials you could use. Check out this article in order to get some new ideas. Have in mind, going green might also mean saving money!

  1. Don´t spend days moving your stuff around

You pack your living room and put your boxes in hallway. There is no space to move around, so you put it back. And then you do the same on a moving day. Why? It´s definitely not for kicks! Try to avoid doing work twice, because it most certainly isn´t necessary. There is so much time wasted, try to save up some by organizing your move in a better way.

  1. Avoid the most common moving mistakes of not labeling your boxes

You would think this is a must. But, people often forget it. And if they do it, they don´t do it in a proper way. You should label not only heavy and fragile things but everything! Write down the content, in which room it should go and does it require special care. Make this a game and include children and color coding. So many parts of the moving process are boring. Try to make the best out of this and enjoy coloring.

  1. How could you forget an overnight bag?

This is an absolute must. You don´t know how long will your move last and what will you need. Water, charger, change of clothes… Makeup if you need it, and a spare pair of shoes. Make sure that you have placed all the important documents there as well. Looking for your id inside of a box is no fun at all. Don´t forget your toothbrush and towels, you might need them as well. And if you are moving with children, get another bag just for their toys, stuff, and snacks.

The biggest moving mistake you could make is underestimating this task. It is difficult and it requires a lot of money, energy and time. But that doesn´t mean it shouldn´t be done right. Every problem can be resolved and every challenge is just there to make it more interesting. You are perfectly capable of handling this by yourself and learning from the mistakes other people made. Anyway, we got your back!

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