5 reasons why you should move to Europe

Relocating is never an easy task. But it is also the most rewarding one. You get to put yourself out of your comfort zone, to explore the world, taste different food and customs, and always be on an adventure. The bigger the risk, the bigger the award. That is why you should move to Europe. Going across the pond will be the biggest adventure ever, and Europe offers so many possibilities. Their culture, customs, and habits are very different. That is what makes this decision a very exciting one. If you never leave the comfort of your city and state, you will never know the world and see how much can you grow and learn.

Europe is consistent of many countries that speak a different language and have different cultures. But, they are very connected and intertwined, seeing they are very close and more often than not share a history. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for the calm of the Nordics, or the hot blood of the Mediterranean, Europe is the place to be.

1. You should move to Europe so you can travel and explore the continent

Once you are in Europe it is pretty easy to travel around. Countries are very close, flights are pretty cheap and there are trains that take you everywhere for the funnies prices. Europe is rich in heritage, and it’s a no stranger to the modern so you can spend one day on top of the ruins that were there for centuries and then enjoy modern high-tech buildings and gadgets. Europe brings together the old and the new and every culture and nationality has something new and interesting to offer. In addition to this, natural beauty that can be encountered is absolutely breathtaking. Don’t just focus on the popular tourist attractions, the most amazing sights can be found off the beaten path.  Check out some hidden gems in this article.  You should move to Europe for the sake of having amazing view everywhere you go.

2. Amazing food is the number one selling point for Europe

You should move to Europe this year
There are some dishes that are quite irresistible!

The best part about different cultures is the different food. So, oh so much different, amazing cuisines, with ingredients you never heard of but taste amazingly! This is why you should move to Europe. The rich history of Europe is best shown inside pots and pans, and dishes that are a mixture of history and geography. The best thing is that there is something for everyone’s taste and there is no way you will wound up hungry wherever you go. One thing to have in mind is that European people usually eat rich and spicy, so prepare yourself, and your stomach for that adventure. And, if by any chance, you are not a fan of experiments, you will find a bunch of globally know places such as McDonals or Subway. You have all the options presented to you, don’t be afraid to try them all out.

3. You should move to Europe so you can improve your second language

There is no better way to learn a language than to be forced to use it daily. Most Europeans use English on regular basis, but they usually prefer talking in their native tongue. If you go to France or, for example, Hungary, you might find it difficult to communicate with the locals. In that case look for someone younger! Overall, there are so many different languages in Europe that it would be impossible for your not to learn and grow. Locals will greatly appreciate the effort you are making. They enjoy showing things about their culture and explaining the subtle differences in meanings of words. If you are motivated enough you could go for the third language and use your time in Europe to the fullest.

4. Better working conditions are pretty important!

Although it’s different from country to country, but generally speaking, Europeans have better working conditions. Let’s begin with vacation days – they have more! That is why they travel so much, they have the time! There are a lot of non-working holidays and weekends are mostly non-working as well. Standard European working time is from 9 to 5, and they are not famous for staying longer. Why would they with such amazing food and travels wait for them? In addition to this almost every country offers generous maternity leaves (up to a year and a half!). Your job is waiting for you when you come back. Some countries even offer paternity leaves for fathers! Check out here more information.

5. You wouldn’t believe it, but overall, it is cheaper!

Get ready for the colorful money used almost in every country

This also varies from country to country, having in mind economy and overall conditions. But, generally speaking, Europe is cheaper than the USA. They don’t import so much outside of Europe because they are able t produce practically everything themselves. And all those nice things that come to your mind such as Belgian chocolate, Italian wine, and German cars – they are all made locally. Thanks to the European Union, which many countries are a part of, traveling and importing goods is much easier.
The price of real estate has also dropped significantly and if you choose a not-so-popular country such as Slovenia or Cyprus, you might even get more than you originally planned for. You would probably be able to afford a mansion with yard for the price of one bedroom apartment in New York.

Taking this decision is in no way easy, and it will take a lot of money and energy. But this decision might dramatically improve your quality of life, character and future life choices. What better way to find out things about yourself than to go somewhere where no one knows you? What better way to learn than to surround yourself with what is unfamiliar. Enjoy the risk, embrace the change and say hello to Europe!

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